Heroes of the Storm : Alpha - Murky's Guide

Heroes of the Storm : Alpha - Murky's Guide
Scolarion have decided to make a guide for Murky and to share it with you. Check out his work and try to become an even better Murky !

Hello everyone!
My name is Scolarion and this is my guide to Murky.
After the nerfs to Murky’s siege build it seems a lot of people dislike my favorite little fishslapping buddy even more. The goal of this guide is to change everyone’s mind about this awesome and fun Hero and perhaps even find a competitive purpose for him.

A little bit about myself. I have played Starcraft 2 at high masters level, played high rated WoW arena, and generally enjoyed Blizzard games for nearly 10 years now. My Moba experience only started about 3 years ago with League of Legends, which I enjoyed with friends but never really got into as a ranked game. With the start of Heroes of the Storm though I am really getting into the Moba genre even more and am dedicated to help grow this game in its early stages in any way I possibly can!

So, Let’s get onto Murky!

The skillset

(D) Spawn Egg
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Place an Egg at target location, revealing the nearby area. When you die, you will respawn at the Egg after 5 seconds.

(Q) Slime
  • Area of Effect
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Release Slime on nearby enemies, doing damage and additional damage over 6 seconds. 
  • Slimed targets are revealed and have their Movement Speed slowed by 20%.
(W) Pufferfish
  • Area of Effect
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Spit out a Pufferfish at the target point. After 4 seconds, the fish will blow up. Enemies can attack the fish to prevent it from exploding.
(E) Safety Bubble
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds
  • Becomes Invulnerable for 2 seconds. While active, you cannot attack or use abilities.
(R) Octo-Grab
  • Heroic Ability
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds
  • Summon an octopus to stun target enemy Hero for 3 seconds while you hit them for 1 damage a second.
(R) March of the Murlocs
  • Heroic Ability
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds
  • Command a legion of Murlocs to march in a target direction, each one leaping onto the first enemy Hero or Structure they find. Each Murloc deals damage and slow its target by 15% for 5 seconds. Does half damage to Structures.


So now that we know what his abilities do. Let’s get onto the talent build!

So let’s get in depth on this! I’ll explain the choices I’ve made and why I feel they outweigh the other options.

Tier 1: Bigger Slime

The first tier has some interesting choices and perhaps this is a little less obvious compared to previous popular choices.
The reason we pick Bigger Slime is quite simple, we want to hit as many targets as we can at the same time whenever we get the chance.
Bubble Breeze is a popular choice as well, but the movement speed probably won’t make the difference where it has to. But for those few situations where it would matter they still don’t outweigh the amount of times Bigger Slime will affect the outcome of an engagement. Besides that you don’t really aim to escape fights most of the time anyways, but more on that later.
Bribe would probably have been an option too in the old builds, but with this build you take a different approach to the laning phase, so the stacks won’t come that quickly. Also the Bigger Slime is just more useful for this build.

Tier 2: Envenom

Envenom makes for the perfect assassination tool throughout the game. Wether you use it as a way to secure early kills, catch people out at merc camps, or as a way to finish off people in teamfights, this talent is just amazing and is pretty much a 100% pick for me.
The other possibility would be Gathering Power, which on paper would make a lot of sense for Murky, and would probably be my go to pick fort his tier had it not been for Envenom.

Tier 3: Slimy End

Now this is where the real fun begins! Slimy End pretty much makes you a suicide bomber whenever you can’t escape a situation anymore or if you want to finish off somebody and your Q is still on cooldown with your death in sight.
For me this is a 100% pick in every single game, so there’s no point in comparing the other talents on this tier as they are pretty much garbage for the path we are taking with this build.

Tier 4: Octo-Grab

The good old Octo-Bro-Grab. This is one of my absolute favorite abiltiies in the game and I’ll tell you why! The pickoff potential with this ability is just insane. If you are rotating and you happen to see an opponent this pretty much guarantees a quick an instant kill. Guess I don’t have to clarify how strong a three second stun in a Moba game is, but on a scale of 1 to godlike, a three second stun is godlike :D

The other option, March of the Murlocs, would seem to make a lot of sense at first sight. It’s a big positional play and could do some serious damage around objectives or even force the enemy team back while you are trying to take a Fort or Keep. So why not take it?

Well, first of all it’s a massive 100 seconds cooldown compared to the 40 seconds cooldown on Octo-Slap. Besides that your purpose in teamfights is not to provide the big aoe ability. I for sure am not discarding the option in the future if things change, but for now I feel the Octo-Slap just outweighs the March of the Murlocs by a lot.

Tier 5: Slime Advantage

Between using your Q and getting low on health so you have to use the E, you are pretty much auto attacking whenever you can. Which makes this a pretty straight forward talent choice.
Wrath of Cod is a nice damage boost, but in general it’s a very hard skill to hit heroes with so with that in mind it’s subpar to the Slime Advantage.
Bubble Machine seems a very effective talent. A 5 second cooldown reduction on a skill is a very high value thing. Although with this playstyle you probably won’t live to see the new cooldown anyways. And in the cases where you do it’s mostly because the fight is tipping in your favor already and you likely won’t need to use it a second time.
Hidden Assault is just not wort hit at all compared to the other choices so I’m not going into it.

Tier 6: Master of Slime

So this talent is pretty much a big green slimy wet dream for a Murky. Once I see the level 16 mark come close I just get all excited. It’s basicly just a massive boost to your damage. The other two options don’t even come close to the value you get out of this talent with this build so it’s a clear decision.

Tier 7: ... And A Shark Too!

Warning, this talent may cause your Heroic Ability to malfunction and envelop all the players in a Sharknado until the end of time.
If only.... But a massive burst added to an already ridiculously powerful ability. It’s everything this little bastard ever dreamed of.

So now that we got the talents out of the way, let’s get into the playstyle!

“Going ham”

“Ham stands for: hard as a motherf**ker. Therefore, this word is easily defined as "going hard as a motherf**ker". Every other definition I've seen on this website is definitely not right.
John: You know what I'm gonna do tonight?
Class: No, what??
John: I'm goin ham.
Jenny: What's going ham mean?
John: Ham means "hard as a motherf**ker". So goin ham means I'm gonna go hard as a motherf**ker”

With this in mind it’s time to go in-depth on going ham. 
So I’m going to divide this into three parts. Laning, objectives and pushing.
The reason for this is because laning in Heroes is a very broad concept. For instance on Blackheart’s Bay the first objective (chests) spawns at 0:50 in the game. This pretty much means your early game playstyle can vary depending on different maps. Hence why I am not going to divide it by early/mid/late game but rather by the possible situations you may find yourself in.


Ok so the most important thing for me is to not be solo in a lane. Preferably you want to find a 2 person or 3 person lane and place your egg behind the nearest tower wall. (I personally like putting it next to the moonwell so there’s always a supply of fresh water nearby)
The reason for this is when you trade you are quite likely (99% if properly going ham :D) to die. During the 5 second death timer in the egg the opponent is probably going to push up since you are down a person for a few seconds and the creeps might die to the tower or other minions while you are dead and you will miss out on precious xp. If you have another person in your lane though this means there are no limits on going ham for you because your teammate will soak the experience when you are in your egg.

So when trading in lanes the most important thing is pressing that Z button, aka mounting up. Being on your mount and staying near the brush will make it easier for you to get in range to land a Q.

I usually like to have the lane push a bit into us to increase the distance between the skirmish and their towers. Once you feel you have enough room to put on the harrass try and walk up to your opponent (preferably mounted) and land your Q. Give him a nice auto attack booty slap once or twice and once they bring you near death you get into your E bubble, stay nice and close to them and poop on them once more and if possible give them one last tap.

If you feel you can get some harrass in while the wave is pretty close to their tower you can also just try and land the Q and get out with E again. But the suicide chasedown in general deals more damage than a single Q so if you can create the opportunity for that go for it.So this pretty much means you respawn at full hp a few seconds later at your own towers and they remain there with the damage on them.

Eventually this will either force them back to base or result in a kill which both makes their team lose out on experience or creates opportunities to take merc camps or any other objective. That’s pretty much what you want to do in lane. So let’s move on to objectives.


By objectives I mean a place on the map where both teams can get an advantage over the other team, most likely resulting in a fight with the enemy to gain the advantage. 
So this is where Murky in my opinion truly shines. The ability to pick your own respawn position on a 5 second death timer is massive in a moba.
The beautiful thing about objectives is that it is positional information. And in a game where positional errors can cost you the game information about the enemy’s position is key.

So how do we abuse this information with Murky?

First of all you need to be map aware. This means you need to try and keep track of when objective based fights will take place. For instance when a tribute spawns on Cursed Hollow, you better make sure you get you ass over there asap to prepare your egg placement properly.
After you positioned your egg in a good position there’s a few things you can do.
  1.  You want to have as much vision as possible. If a person from the enemy team is a little ahead of the rest of the group you can pick him off quickly by using your Octo-Grab and giving your team a free three seconds to get a quick kill. This means if there is a watchtower near the objective you want to try and take it in time to set up a pickoff. But this also means shoving minionwaves. For instance, an objective is spawning and the minions are pushing towards the enemy base, they will reveal any enemy coming towards the objective as they come near the minions. The minions are basicly a vision tool in this instance. If the minions vision reveal someone entering the “jungle” you can probably think of their path from there to the objective and set up a pick in that way.
  2. Interceptions. So let’s say your team is trying to capture a Golem and the enemy knows about it. You have set up proper vision as explained at #1. You see them coming from a distance but your team is focused on the golem. You don’t have the dps to back up a pickoff so you want to try and dismount the enemy and keep them busy for as long as possible, giving your team as much time as possible to complete the objective. This is the beauty of Murky too. You damage the enemies on the when they are on the way to the objective, slow them down, so they arrive weakened. And by the time they get there you arrive again with full hp if you properly placed the egg.
  3. Fight! So let’s say you did not get the pickoff and it’s going to come down to a fight. In order to properly fight with Murky you will need to have the egg close! There’s no excuse for having the egg too far away. The tradeoff for having such a powerful mechanic is your low hp so you do need to invest the resources (time) to make optimal use of Murky’s strong aspects.


Once again there’s a lot of situational things that go into this but these are general guidelines:

As usual you want to be on your mount and try and get as close to their squishy members as possible. You aim to do the same thing as you do in lane only not as reckless as you might do in lane, because dieing too early might just cause a different member of the team to die.

This means you try to hit the Q, give them a good slap, they will most likely turn on you or run at that point. If they run and other people attack you just E after the target and hit another Q and envenom. If the other enemies are chasing you down it means you are also dragging them away from the objective which can give your team precious time. If the target doesn’t run you just go into your E, try to disrupt the movement as much as possible by bodyblocking him into an awkward position and then finish your burst. You most likely either die at this point or finish off the enemy, either way you kept 1 person busy for a good time and in the perfect case you kept multiple people busy.

In the end this all comes down to time. Murky’s death pretty much is a non factor since you can rejoin the fight relatively quickly, most of the time I’d say it takes between 8 to 13ish seconds to rejoin a fight. So any time spent dealing with Murky is essentially time for your teammates to take control of the fight in their own ways.

The very most important part of properly engaging is the E timing though. You never ever want to die during in important engagement before getting near your chosen target. E pretty much gives you a freepass to reach a target and zone them. They can’t ignore you because that will mean they will die. But if they damage you it’s time invested in killing a target that will rejoin soon anyways. If you die before you reach the target all this timegain for your teammates will not be there and the fight will likely snowball into the opponent’s favor.

This means in the optimal situation you want to get to your target while mounted from a possible flank and save the E for when you start getting focused. If the situation is non-optimal though don’t be shy to use your E to get close to your target.


By this I mean you are trying to take the enemy’s tower down and the enemy is trying to hold off your attempts.

The most important thing for this is once again egg placement. This time though the spot can be a bit harder to pick. In general there aren’t that many great hiding spots near an enemy tower and if there are when losing a fight your team is likely to be pushed back and they might get to your egg before you can get away yourself.

So to decide our egg placement for pushing we need to understand a concept called map control.
If you are more powerful than your opponent it means they cannot fight you if you properly execute. So this gives you control over the map. Most of the time this is also when pushes happen. Because the enemy will try to fight near a tower to support them and make up for the disadvantage that exists.

Knowing this your team can take merc camps, watchtowers and shove lanes. This means your lanes will start pushing which increases your vision of the map even more. So let’s say the minions push up and your line of vision moves towards the enemy base, this means you can also move up your egg positioning.

I ususally just try to put the in a sight blocker such as a brush or a sharp crook like there are on most maps. But sometimes I also feel comfortable enough to just put it in open sight further back in the lane when I’m sure that the opponent is stuck at their tower. When doing this make sure you keep in mind the retreat path though if you do happen to lose the fight when sieging so the enemy doesn’t just roll over your egg during their chase.


Now that was a whole lot of text haha. If you are not the reading type or just want additional information and get an idea of the playstyle in action, I have recorded a video showing my Murky playstyle during a pretty long game, so you can get an idea of a variatiety of situations you can get in.

So that pretty much sums up my guide to Murky. I hope you enjoyed reading it and hopefully we will see a lot more of this little fellow in the future!

If you like to support me you can find me on youtube or twitch.tv where I stream daily.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Scolarion
Twitch: http:// http://www.twitch.tv/scolarion

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