Arcana Heroes Cup #1 : Two more teams announced !

Arcana Heroes Cup #1 : Two more teams announced !
MyM and Mousesports will be the two teams joining SK Gaming and Vega Squadron in the Arcana Heroes Cup #1 !

The Arcana Gamign staff is pleased and happy to announce the two next teams which will participate in our first heroes of the Storm tournament. They are two of the most famous teams in the european eSports scene : MyM and Mousesports !


  • Song
  • Kujaa
  • Mopsio
  • Vasyl
  • Vonethil 


  • Careion
  • StarZerg 
  • Fabio
  • KuKKi
  • Kidagakash
We have still 4 teams to select ! It is not to late for you and your team to register ! You can find all the rules and the registering process in our Arcana Heroes Cup introduction.

For all teams which have already apply to the tournament via email, this announcement does not mean that you are not selected. Until the 8 teams are selected we are carefully studying your application and we can decide to select your team at any time for the tournament. When our decision will be effective, you will receive a reply to your email box saying that you have been (or not) selected.

Stay tuned for the next announcement of selected team(s) !

Ergher - 2014-10-22 21:11:48

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